7 Tips for Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Same as your home’s roof, an establishment’s roof does the same function which is to protect the whole place from all elements as well as provide a safe place, thus, utmost care is also expected from business owners.  The article written by Antoinette Ayana provides business owners tips on maintaining and protecting commercial roofs.

roofing1. Check for problems after extreme weather.

If there were recent storms, snow or hurricane, make sure to have the roof inspected after these have passed so as to immediately identify if there are roofing problems.

2. Schedule regular inspections.

Same as your home’s roof, your establishment’s commercial roofing should also be checked regularly to ensure that roofing problems are captured as soon as possible.  Should there be problems identified during the scheduled inspections then you need to call your contractors to have this fixed.

3. Stay alert to signs of water damage.

Stained ceiling tiles and discolored walls are a definite sign of water damage, thus, you need to have this checked immediately by your roofing contractor to avoid bigger problems.

4. Keep gutter systems clean and clear.

Keep your gutters clutter free as your gutters are responsible for moving water away from your building.  If gutters cannot function properly, then you are in for a bigger water leak problem.

5. Elevate or remove nearby trees.

Branches may fall after severe weather conditions, if nearby trees are not removed.  Inspect the whole place and evaluate if the nearby trees would need to be uprooted or not.

6. Ward off summer sun.

To assist with this, you can use cool roofs, coatings or single-ply membrane to ensure protection of your roof from the scorching heat of the summer sun.

7. Invest in a commercial roofing maintenance plan.

Since a roofing maintenance plan is being commonly offered by contractors, you may want to take advantage of such to make sure that your roof’s maintenance and regular inspections are already covered and that you don’t need to worry about anything anymore.