29 September 2019 / Residential Roofing , Roofing Tips

9 Home Improvement Resolutions You Won’t Want to Break

True to what the author of this article claims, home is the most valuable asset you will own.  More than a car or a piece of jewelry, your home is where you spend most of your time with.  It’s where you build your family; you grow, so it is destined to be where you put most of your effort to.  Laura, in this article provided the list below of the things to consider and ponder upon.

  1. home improvement“Put safety first.” Safety should always be number one.  Make sure that all hazardous materials or chemicals are removed or well kept away.
  2. “Take at least one baby step.” “Take your time” – your home will always be there, and it is best to put all thinking hats together and avoid making spur-of-the-moment decisions.
  3. “Dedicate a single, convenient storage spot.” All your home improvement paperwork and instruction manuals should have its place in your home.
  4. “Cut down your carbon footprint.”
  5. “Try your hand at D.I.Y. home improvement”. YOUTUBE is one of the answers.
  6. “Do your homework.” If you are planning to invest a lot with your home, ensure that planning is a key item on your list.
  7. “Cover yourself.” INSURANCE  will help you in making sure that all the hard work and value you put in your home are secured.
  8. “Grow something green.” There are a lot of benefits with having plants around your home.  One of which is the relaxation it brings as well as it adds beauty to your haven.
  9. “Add curb appeal and R.O.I..“  Keeping your home looking great benefits you and your loved ones.  This also helps in keeping the “value” should you wish to sell in the long run.