23 September 2019

How to Apply for a Roofing Permit

First and foremost, it is a good thing that this is a type of question you are opening your mind to.  Just as what the author says, this means you want things done correctly the first time and that there are no taking chances when it is something significant. The Final Word Best way to […]

5 September 2019

Deciding on the Best Roofing Company for You

This article aims to educate you, homeowners on deciding who to choose for your roofing needs.  As indicated in this article, the best roofing company for you depends on what are your actual needs in terms of your roof. By default and to quote the author, “the best roofing company for you is the one […]

1 August 2019

Roof Turbines – Your Quick Guide

Home Advisor wrote this article to give you a quick guide to roof turbines and discuss information that you may not yet be aware of.  First is that roof turbine is one of the best ways to keep moisture out as roof turbine is a vent that removes humid air from your attic which then […]

2 July 2019

The 5 Most Popular Types of Roofing

This article introduces the five major roofing types which are (1) asphalt shingles, (2) tile, (3) slate, (4) metal and (5) wood.  From these roofing types, you can still break this down to subtypes, but overall, when choosing the type of roofing, most of the homeowners consider durability and cost. Asphalt Roofing This the commonly […]

8 June 2019

Your Roofing Solutions

This article mainly talks about the benefits of using rubber for your roofing needs.  As a homeowner, it is an excellent material for keeping your roof protected from different elements. It also helps in making your roof look great. This article also talks about EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) and its value. What is it? EPDM […]

13 May 2019

What to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Roofer

As discussed by Laura Firszt in this article, finding and choosing a commercial roof contractor is an enormous responsibility and below are items you should consider before making this decision. About the Contractor A few things to ask here is if the roofing contractor is licensed and insured.  You also need to know how long […]

29 April 2019

Tips for Flat Roofs

This article introduces the three classifications of commercial roofs which are (1) pitched (2) low-pitch and (3) flat.  Of the three classifications, flat roofs are hard to deal with and can cause more problems since it doesn’t shed rain or snow and poses increased chances of water leaks. To better deal with flat roofs, you […]

17 April 2019

How to Hire the Perfect Roofer

Since the roof is an essential part of your home, you need to make sure that you take it seriously when choosing your roofing pro for all your roof needs.  Below are some of the tips given by HomeAdvisor.com on choosing your professional: Compare the rates of several roofers » Interview and asked around – don’t settle […]

23 March 2019

10 Questions to Ask before You Choose a Roof

Since no two buildings or houses are alike, each home or building has different needs when it comes to each roof.  Even before choosing a new roof or a replacement roof, this article suggests that you ask the following questions. 1. What is this building’s mission statement? You need to know what the business is […]

7 March 2019

Top 4 Ways to Protect From Roof Damage

This article aims to educate you, homeowners, on the top 4 ways to protect your roof from damage.  Roof damage may come in any form, from rust to leaks to holes, which can then cause more significant problems to your roof and possibly your whole house, thus, below are the ways to protect your roof […]