Replacement Roof – Watch Out for these Common Issues

The author in this article has compiled a list of common issues on roof replacement.  This article also aims to help homeowners understand what to avoid when it comes to having a new roof installed.

Installing a Roof Atop Old Shingles

Replacement Roof that used tiles vs. shingles

Although most contractors will install your new roofing over your old shingles, this has been proven to be a bad idea as it decreases the life span of your shingles.  Even though this process will require lesser time and energy to finish, the outcome will be a more significant issue since the actual problem is not being resolved, and you are just making a band-aid approach.

Installing New Shingles on Damaged Decking

Putting new shingles over damaged decking is a big NO NO as it will only create an unsafe working service for your contractors and will also result in an unsound roof.  If new shingles are installed on solid decking, then the opposite is expected, and your new roof will be good for more years.  To know if your decking is damaged or not, have this inspected by a qualified contractor.

Repairing a Roof With Shingles Past Their Expected Life Span

Just like any other object, your roof has a recommended life span.  If your roof is already past this stage, then you can start to consider replacing the whole thing instead of just repairing it.  Replacing an old roof will save you money, hassle, and aggravation.

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