Inspect Your Roof to Make Sure it’s In Good Shape

As advised by this article, getting to know your house inside and out is the simple yet best way to make sure everything is in order.  The roof, for example, becomes a massive threat to your home, financially and physically speaking, if not checked regularly.

When to Check Your Roof

It is true that the best time to get a roof inspection is during the summer or spring before the falling of leaves happen in autumn before severe rainfalls happen or heavy snow.

roof inspectionWhat to Check in a Roof Inspection

Essential things to check are the following:

Roof Surface – simple things to watch out for are missing or cracked tiles, moss or mold, and debris that has to be removed.

Flashing – If your flashing/s is faulty, it could let in rain and snow, which can cause more significant problems.

Roof Overhangs – Should you observe peeling paint on the underside of roof overhangs – this could already indicate moisture.

Gutters – ensure that your gutters are free from fallen dried leaves as this may cause leaks and dislodged roofs

The underside of the Roof – a ray of sunshine peeping through your attic may look pretty at times, but this also means that there are visible gaps in the roof, which is not a pretty sight at all.

How to Check Safely

There are several ways to check your roof safely, one of which is to get on “higher grounds” for more visibility.  Using a ladder or quality binoculars can be of great help when doing this.  Working with a buddy is also crucial as someone is aware that you are climbing up the roof and can readily help should something happen.  A best possible way to be safe is to hire a licensed roofing contractor to do all the work for you.

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