Your Roofing Solutions

This article mainly talks about the benefits of using rubber for your roofing needs.  As a homeowner, it is an excellent material for keeping your roof protected from different elements. It also helps in making your roof look great.

This article also talks about EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) and its value.

What is it?

EPDM is a synthetic product that is durable, flexible, and resistant to UV rays.  Due to the EPDMs quality, it just means that even with the weather and temperature changes, it isn’t going to break easily, which means you, as a homeowner will benefit from it.

Overall Value

a homeowner with a flat roofDue to the EPDMs build up, the risk of both home and commercial roofing problems such as leaks or damages, mold or mildew as well as moisture is lesser. Thus, it provides the overall value to either the homeowner or a business owner.


Warranties being offered with EPDM products are very enticing as this makes your roof waterproof, thus, decreases the chances of ever getting water damages.

Types of Roofing

Based on the article, both flat and lower pitched roofs are the best fit for EPDM membrane products as these are the types of roof that are more prone to water damages and build up.  Although EPDM is advisable for both types of roof, other types can still install and benefit from this product the same way that flat and low pitched roofs can.